As a young atheist, Alicia Britt Chole’s existence was dramatically interrupted by Jesus, “the God who pursues even those who deny Him.” Today, Alicia is an author and spiritual mentor who speaks nationally and internationally to leaders, pastors, professionals, college students, women, and churches. All who have heard her agree: Alicia is an unusually disarming combination of realism and compassion, intellect and approachability, humor and art.

Leaders and learners alike describe Alicia’s messages as piercing but welcome surgeries. Golden-year believers comment: “I’ve been in church for decades... but I’ve never heard truth presented in this way.” Twenty-somethings say, Alicia writes like she speaks and speaks like she writes: poetry that cuts to the heart.” “Her words cut through a lot of religious junk, in a creative, humble, authoritative way and connect the soul to the Father.”

After hearing Alicia at a church, an acquisitions VP at a division of Thomas Nelson asked her to write her first book, Pure Joy, in 2003. In 2006 she released her first “heart” book entitled Anonymous: Jesus’ Hidden Years and Yours which has received breathtaking reviews from leaders around the world. In all, Alicia has authored six books, three DVD studies, and the 52-week spiritual formation journey The7thYear.

Alicia’s articles, quotes, and writings have appeared in Charisma/Spirit-led Woman, Enrichment Journal, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jennifer Rothschild’s Self Talk, Soul Talk, Dianne Wilson’s Gone, Dr. Jane Goleman’s Progress Notes, Greg Ogden’s Transforming

Discipleship, Lance Witt’s Replenish, Jackie Johnson’s When Love Ends, Lisa Jane’s Angel Kisses, Thomas Nelson’s 2009 Inspirational Daily Planner, The Beauty Of God’s Blessing, God’s Promises Day By Day, and Joy For The Journey. She has been a featured expert blogger on Conversant Life, a voice on Wired Parish, and she has been interviewed by dozens of radio stations including KTIS, Premiere Drive UK, The Bob Duktko Show, Thor Tolo, Georgean Rice, Mark Daniels, Moody with Prime Time Chicago, Moody Radio South, Ron Meyers, Jennifer Keitt, and Brian Mason. TV appearances include The Harvest Show and At Home Live.

Her next article is scheduled to appear in Today’s Christian Woman (2015), and her next book, 40 Days of Decrease, will be released for Lent, 2016 by Thomas Nelson.

Alicia has been facilitating the spiritual formation of leaders and learners for 30 years. She is the founder and CEO of onewholeworld, inc (whose mission is to provide substantial resources for the globally minded) and the co-founder of Leadership Investment Intensives (a 501c3 devoted to investing in the life and legacy of leaders). Additionally, along with her incredible husband (Dr. Barry J. Chole), Alicia designed Rivendell, a prayer retreat home in Branson, MO, which has been haven to thousands.

Alicia lives with her husband of 25 years, their three amazing children (all Choles through the miracle of adoption), four somewhat less than amazing dogs, one truly strange cat, and eight confused chickens off of a dirt road in a country home devoted to writing and reflection.

In full-time ministry since 1987, Alicia holds a B.A. in Plan II pre-law (1983) and an M.A. in Education (1994) from the University of Texas-Austin and a DMin in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from George Fox Evangelical Seminary (2015).