Post-SALT Challenge - Week 3

Alicia encourages her listeners to think about the word "redemption".

Take some time and listen to what she tells us redemption means. Think about what it meant in the Old Testament, then think about how redemption was ultimately made for us through Jesus Christ.

She says that redemptions is "freedom from and forgiveness of sins made available through Jesus' substitutionary sacrifice."

What does this mean for your life?

Alicia goes on to say that we must each "redeem or redemption". She tells us "respecting the gift is not the same as accepting the gift. You have to choose to redeem it, to cash it in."

Have you personally redeemed your redemption? 

This week, prayerfully consider what steps you must take to fully live in the redemption that Jesus has made for you. 

Post-SALT Challenge- Week 2

This is Week 2 of our Post-SALT Prayer Challenge. 

Alicia teaches about John the Baptist. He was a miracle child. 
He grew up in a desert. 

She encourages us to note the connection between becoming strong in spirit and growing up in a desert. 

Why do you think we grow strong in the spirit through our desert experiences?

What does it mean for your to "remain present"?

Alicia says, "Before he prepared the way for his generation, he prepared the way for himself." She goes on to explain that in our generation of volunteerism, we are often tempted to skip ahead to serving others. 

How are you being challenged to prepare the way for the Lord in your own heart?

Are there obstacles God is challenging you to remove?

How are you preparing yourself for the day when you will see Him face to face?

Post-SALT Challenge- Week 1

During our first night at Southeast SALT, Alicia Chole taught on our theme passage, Isaiah 40:3-5, and challenged listeners to take up the mantel of John the Baptist and prepare the way for the Lord to come. 

This week, take time to pray about what that means in your own life.

What does it look like for you to prepare the way for the Lord in and through your life?

What deserts, or hard place, might God be calling you to go to prepare the way for Him?

How might the Lord be wanting to use you?

One Calling

Isaiah 40:3 says, "Listen! It's the voice of someone shouting, 'Clear the way through the wilderness for the Lord! Make a straight highway though the wasteland for our God!'"

Thousands of years ago Isaiah foretold the voice of one calling in the wilderness to prepare the way for the LOrd. There was only one calling because there will only ever be one call. Regardless where we find ourselves, whether in high rise office complexes or in the remote jungles of Ecuador, the call remains the same: prepare the way for the LOrd. The voice calls for a dramatic leveling. Those things which are mountainously overemphasized and lofty must be reduced, while the undervalued and forgotten are elevated, creating a level path. Countless are the curves and turns of distractions, which once removed, provide direction made clear only by clarity of the call. And now, thousands of years later, we continue to gather, be unified, and launched by the echoes of that same One Calling. 

- Jonathan Miller, Southeast SALT Director