Post-SALT Challenge- Week 2

This is Week 2 of our Post-SALT Prayer Challenge. 

Alicia teaches about John the Baptist. He was a miracle child. 
He grew up in a desert. 

She encourages us to note the connection between becoming strong in spirit and growing up in a desert. 

Why do you think we grow strong in the spirit through our desert experiences?

What does it mean for your to "remain present"?

Alicia says, "Before he prepared the way for his generation, he prepared the way for himself." She goes on to explain that in our generation of volunteerism, we are often tempted to skip ahead to serving others. 

How are you being challenged to prepare the way for the Lord in your own heart?

Are there obstacles God is challenging you to remove?

How are you preparing yourself for the day when you will see Him face to face?