Southeast Salt Breakout Tracks

At SALT 2018 you will have option of six breakout tracks to choose from, all of which will be made up of four sessions of varying topics. These sessions will be composed of dynamic, engaging teaching by pastors and campus missionaries from across the Southeast. The breakouts are created to offer tools for YOU to reach your university and world, with practical steps to take in the coming semesters to make an impact on campus.

These classes will enrich your lives, and though you can only choose one breakout every session will be recorded for future listening!

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Breakout 1: LEAD your campus

How do we lead like Jesus? Leadership is not only knowing the way but also being

willing and able to bring others along with us. First, though, we must learn key

spiritual truths in order to be successful. Learn some of the most crucial aspects of

leading as a student in your campus ministry.

 > Track 1 Resisting Tribalism: Learning how to reach outside of your inner circle in order to

engage other social groups with faith, hope, and love.

> Track 2 Leading Minorities In Your Campus Ministry: Catching the vision of reaching the

underserved on your campus by engaging minority students and empowering them

to lead, listening to their felt needs, and evaluating your effectiveness in this area.

> Track 3 What Collegiate Leaders Need Most: Creating an environment in your fellowship

that attracts strong leaders by offering what these emerging world changer want


> Track 4 Jim Halpert Or Michael Scott? (“Day to Day” or “Big Picture”?): Answering the

tension of vision casting for the big picture and reacting to the everyday needs of students

Breakout 2: MULTIPLY your campus

How do we make disciples like Jesus? The point of the Great Commission is to make

disciples. The way we do that is to become a disciple ourselves, then we multiply

ourselves through the discipleship of those around us. Here in this track, you can

learn strong principles of real disciple-making.

> Session 1 Disciples Making Disciples: Learning what discipleship is and how to develop the

skill of making disciples yourself

> Session 2 Multiplying Through Healthy Relationships: Healthy people create healthy

disciples. Healthy leaders lead healthy groups. Learn how to be healthy and have

healthy relationships

> Session 3 Launching Missional Communities: Being missional requires you to

anthropologically understand your mission field. Learn how to discern needs of your

campus and how to launch faith groups that live life together while filling the felt

needs you discover.

> Session 4 Apologetics: Learn how to study, defend, and present the arch narrative of the

scriptures in a post-christian environment.

Breakout 3: REACH your campus

How do we reach out to those around us like Jesus? On our ever-changing university

campuses there are always distractions and challenges that we all face. This track is

designed to help you better reach your classmates by learning new, more creative

strategies while intensifying your passion for missions.

> Session 1 Essential Moves To Make In The First 6 Weeks: What are absolute "must" that each

student should do in order to reach new students during fall kickoff.

> Session 2 The Life Span Of A Healthy Small Group: Learn what it means to be a healthy

group, when and how to reproduce a new group from your healthy group, and how

to keep the mission in front at all times.

> Session 3 English As Missions (Reaching International Students): Learn how to use the

english language as a tool to reach international students in hopes that healthy

relationships form and trust is earned.

> Session 4 Engaging The Micro-Cultures On Campus: Do you know what "micro-cultures" exist

on your campus? Learn how to identify and engage these niche cultures so that "all

can hear" about the good news of the cross

Breakout 4: DEVELOP your campus

How do we develop ourselves like Jesus? Maintaining a focus on our daily and

seasonal Christian journey is key to everything else we do as Christians. Once we

have the routine down and are tuned into His voice, He will hear Him speak to us

about Himself and our role in the future of His Kingdom.

> Session 1 Personal Devotional Life: No Christ-following student, leader, or staff can be

effective and sustained without walking in intimacy and relationship with God. Learn

about the importance of a personal devotional life and tips for making it a part of

your daily routine.

> Session 2 Know Your Season: Learn how different seasons of life impact us and our faith, and

how to recognize that God is faithful and constant through all of them, even when it

feels different to us.

> Session 3: Operating Within Your Gift Set and Personality: The Bible teaches that just like

every part of the human body has a different function, every member of the body of

Christ has unique gifts and a unique role. Come get some hints on what your specific

gifts might be and how you can capitalize on them for the good of your own faith and

the community as a whole.

> Session 4: Diversifying Your Circle: Have you ever noticed that many of the people you

choose to surround yourself are a lot like you? This session will explore the

importance of diversifying the types of people you spend time with for the sake of

expanding the Gospel and building healthy Christian communities.

Breakout 5: MOBILIZE your campus

How can Chi Alpha mobilize those in our campus ministry the way Jesus would

want? By equipping students to have everything they need to succeed in the calling

God has spoken. Allow seasoned Chi Alpha leaders to speak into you and your

future in this track.

> Session 1 MA/CMIT: Giving a year on campus is one of the most fulfilling, challenging, and

formative ways you could invest your time after graduation. Very few experiences will

prepare you for the future, both in ministry and the marketplace, like a Chi Alpha

internship or staff position. Come learn about how to get started applying and

preparing for your year on campus!

> Session 2 Turning Selfish Students Into Selfless Missionaries: Learn about the battle we all

fight against the flesh, and how to combat our selfish desires and turn towards

selflessness and sacrifice for the sake of reaching the lost on our campus and beyond.

> Session 3 When Parents Don’t Support Their Kids Calling: Maybe you or someone your know

feels called into ministry, but the parents are fervently opposed to that idea. Come

learn some Godly principles for honoring your parents while navigating your calling

for God's glory.

> Session 4 Dealing With Debt: Student loans and other debt can be a crippling source and

anxiety. Learn about managing that debt both financially and with a healthy faith


Breakout 6: ENGAGE your campus

How do we engage our campus like Jesus? Jesus said to go out into the least

thought of places and be the love of Christ that people need to see and need to

experience by engaging with these groups as Jesus would.

> Session 1 Serving Your Campus (Serving the Faculty, Admins, Athletes, Greek Life, etc):

Serving on campus has proven to be an effective way to open doors into countless

areas of campus that are otherwise hard to reach. Learn about different ways to serve

your campus and how to utilize service to reach your friends and classmates with the


> Session 2 Engaging LGBTQ: Learn about how to engage LGBTQ on students with the Gospel

through love and friendship, and how to navigate discussions regarding this issue

with Biblical and Christ-focuses principles

> Session 3 Diversity and Racial Reconciliation: As our country engages in a constant and

vehement debate about race relations, this session will present our responsibility and

role as Christians to seek reconciliation and encourage diversity in our communities.

> Session 4 The Church, Politics, And Your Campus: Politics is one of the most avoided

conversation topics in the Christian and church world. Learn how to interact with

political issues and discussions and how to maintain a focus on the Gospel through all

of it.