Southeast Salt Breakout Tracks


Snapchat Jesus: ALIVE to Following Jesus

Who is Jesus, what makes Him unique, and can we really believe in Him?

1. Jesus 101: Who is Jesus and how is he different from Muhammad, the Buddha, and other Religious Teachers? - Foundations (Include His baptism and The Trinity)

2. Tax Collectors, Fisherman, Prostitutes, and Best Friends - What can we learn about Jesus from looking at the people around Him and who knew Him?

3. "I AM..." - Who does Jesus say He is? A look at the "I AM" teachings of Christ

4. PRAXIS: Apologetics Lab - Q and A with Dan Morrison


King Jesus: ALIVE in the Kingdom of Jesus

More than a friend and Savior, Jesus talked a lot about the Kingdom of God and Scripture reveals Him as the King of that kingdom. What does it mean for us that Jesus is King?

1. "The Kingdom of God is like..." - What Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God through His parables

2. King of the Jews - A look at the Old Testament prophecies about Jesus and Jesus' Jewishness

3. Life in the Kingdom of God - What life in the Kingdom of God is like now and when Jesus (the king) returns

4. PRAXIS: Prayer Lab - Learning how to pray by using the Lord's Prayer as a guide


Spiritual Jesus: ALIVE to the Spirit of Jesus

Deepen your spiritual life by learning more about the way Jesus lived His.

1. The Spirit of the Lord is on me..." - The Holy Spirit in the Life of Christ and the believer

2. In the temple and on the mountain - The devotional life of Jesus - Worship, Prayer, and Solitude

3. Blind Men, Lepers, and a Young Man's Lunch - The Miracles of Christ

4. PRAXIS: Lectio Divina Scripture Lab w/ Shaun Galyen - Experiencing Jesus through focused and directed reflection on a passage in the Word of God


Inconvenient Jesus: ALIVE through the hard "Yeses" to Jesus

Some of the hard sayings and callings of Christ to us.

1. "Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me" - How Jesus calls us to a life of sacrifice

2. Widows, Orphans, and the Poor - Looking at the Sermon on the Mount and other passages to seesaw Jesus calls us to the margins and unexpected places

3. Exclusivity of Jesus - Jesus is THE way.

4. PRAXIS: Evangelism Lab - Being Jesus' mouth


The "Real" Jesus: ALIVE to the Humanity of Jesus

Why it matters very much that God is "with us" in Christ.

1. The Temptation and Tears - The Bible tells us that "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us." While Jesus was fully God, He was also fully human and faced real challenges, trails, and grief. He is "with us" to help us face and overcome ours every day.

2. The Suffering Servant - Isaiah 52 and 53 - The grace, love, and suffering of Jesus through His submission to God and His crucifixion

3. "Whatever you did for the least of these..." - The woman at the well, young fishermen, tax collectors, lepers, the blind...Jesus brought God near to the who were considered outsiders, including us. A look at His personal ministry to others and His call to serve Him by representing Him to the world

4. PRAXIS: Service Lab - External Ministry Opportunity - Being Jesus' hands and feet