Southeast Salt Breakout Tracks


Called to Disciple:

Students will learn foundational knowledge and the "how to's" of healthy One on One discipleship, gain vision and skills necessary to reach out to International students, learn about spiritual gifts, and hear from a panel where they will be able to have their questions answered by staff who have extensive knowledge in the fields of world, campus, and marketplace missions. 

One on One Discipleship

International Student Outreach

Spiritual Gifts

World, Campus and Marketplace Missions


Called to Others:

God cares about our problems with one another and Jesus offers us answers to our racial divide. Students will be informed, equipped and empowered to give an answer and be the answer that our world is longing for. Student will also have the opportunity to practice compassion ministry by serving in the community of Knoxville.

Defining Social Justice

Where is God in Race Relations?

Praxis: Compassion Ministry opportunity


Called by the Spirit:

Students will receive a good foundation from Scripture teaching them about the person of the Holy Spirit and baptism in the Spirit. They will be equipped to pray for others and learn to feel more comfortable receiving prayer. Students will receive Scriptural teaching on how the Lord speaks, and grow in understanding of knowing and hearing the voice of the Lord. Students will also have the opportunity to pray for others in Downtown Knoxville.

Holy Spirit Baptism

God is That You? Learning to Recognize God's Voice

Praxis: Praying for Other Downtown


Called to Communicate:

Students will take a deep look at Old and New Testament Scripture as they learn about the character of God and will receive teaching on how to search for answers to hard questions they may face. They will be equipped with knowledge about the reliability of Scripture and learn to articulate why the Bible is trustworthy. Students will have the opportunity to go into Downtown Knoxville and tell others about Jesus. 

The God of the Old and New Testament

Reliability of Scripture

Praxis: Two by Two Evangelism


Called to Live Well:

Students will consider the Bible as a guide for dating and learn how to have healthy dating relationships in today's culture. They will learn how to make a budget and apply Biblical principles for spending and using their money wisely. Students will learn to recognize their own responsibility to define culture and be challenged to engage culture without conforming to it. 

Dating in the Digital Age

Mo' Money Mo' Problems

Defining Tolerance


Called to Build Healthy Teams (Staff Track):

Attracting and Building Your Staff

Where does Discipleship End and Counseling Begin?

Alicia Chole Talk

Building Strong Student Leaders