SALT Registration FAQ


Q) Can I pay a deposit now, and pay the rest when I arrive?

A) You can pay just the deposit until December 2nd, but you need to make your final payment online by midnight on Decmeber 28th.  We will accept final payment on site, but we will charge you a $25 late fee to do that.


Q) If I decide not to go to SALT after I have registered, can my registration fee be refunded?

A) No, all registration and deposits are nonrefundable.


Q) How are roommates assigned?

A) Each student may request 1 roommate, but that is not a guarantee that this person will be in your room. Generally we will try to keep people from the same campus together in rooms. The earlier you and your preferred roommate register, the more likely it is that we will be able to grant your requests.


Q) When will I find out who I am rooming with?

A) It is a surprise! You will find out when you meet them in your room.


Q) What will the rooms be like?

A) The hotel rooms will have 2 full size beds and one bathroom. It will be shared by 4 students in most cases.


Q) What if I arrive after the designated check-in time?

A) Go to the Merchandise Table.


Q) If I pay on site, what forms of payment can I use?

A Check or Credit Card


Q) If I don't like my roommates can I change rooms?

A) No


Q) How do I make my final payment online

A) Click this link