Ryan Galloway is an alumnus of the University of Florida and is currently on staff with Chi Alpha at UF. A stint in engineering ultimately led him to pursue and attain a degree in world religions in 2013. His heavy involvement with the ministry familiarized him with nearly every aspect of campus ministry and unearthed a passion for college students. Ryan led worship in Chi Alpha for five years before going on staff with Greenhouse Church, where he has been serving for the last three years. As a student in Chi Alpha, he served extensively with a brilliant engineer and organizer, starting a deep friendship that one day became romantic. In July 2014, Ryan married the love of his life, Cristina Galloway, in a celebration that may have involved ribbon dancing. They still augment each other's strengths and balance each other's weaknesses, and are excited for the next chapter of their journey with Chi Alpha.

Blending diverse styles of music, Ryan is a passionate worshipper who believes that every time of worship is an opportunity to glimpse the glory of God. Operating from the conviction that worship should be accessible to newcomers and full of depth, he aims to create "spirit and truth" worship environments where people can be who they are while being transformed.