Parking instructions:

New isn’t always easy! So due to the parking details at our new SALT home we have created a guide to make parking as simple as possible during your stay!

You have many options for parking:

  • If your priority is proximity over cost, you can pay $7.50 per day to the hotel to park in their parking lot. Simply inquire about parking upon arrival and check-in

  • If you would like to avoid additional cost there are two parking garages (The Richardson Street Garage, and the West Washington Street Deck) near the Hyatt that are free from Friday 6pm until Monday 6am, You can view the full downtown map of these garages (clearly identified by the green boxes) at the bottom of this page. The Hyatt Regency is clearly marked on this map, and is located approximately 0.2 miles from the two free garages.

  • In the case that the parking garages are full during the weekend, or you would like to avoid additional costs for the final day (Monday, December 31st) there are 700 free street parking spots around downtown.

    PLEASE NOTE: All parking garages, including the above-mentioned free garages, will resume weekly rates and will be subject to towing beginning 6am on Monday December 31st. So if you plan to use these free spots, please plan to move your vehicle or pay the required fees during the last day of the conference.

    We apologize for the inconvenience of parking, but hope this helps to answer any questions you may have. Visit the official Greenville parking website below.

    Thank you for your cooperation!


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